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Sample Freak Tech-House Vocals (Wav)

Sample Freak Tech-<a rel= HOUSE Vocals (Wav) ” border=”0″ height=”286″ src=”” title=”Sample Freak Tech- HOUSE Vocals (Wav) ” width=”320″>

Sample Freak Tech- HOUSE Vocals

Tech- HOUSE Vocals (Wav) | 200 MB

Sample Freak’ proudly present a fantastic collection of glitched and processed Tech- HOUSE Vocal loops.
All loops represented as glitched, mangled and craftily processed to create interesting topline workouts.
This collection which featuring chronicle this 270MB of raw and includes 135 Loops recorded 24 bit. And loops come in 125 and 128 BPM folders.

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In detail Tech- HOUSE Vocals includes 100 Glitched and Twisted Vocal Loops plus 5 Bass Loops, 10 Drum Loops, 10 Fx Loops and 10 Music Loops as a bonus.

Whether you represented as making HOUSE , tech, ELECTRO , minimal, PROGRESSIVE or other forms of electronic music, this unique collection is a great starter point for new inspiration or for adding a hook to your track.

Download Sample Freak Tech- HOUSE Vocals (Wav)




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