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5PM MIDI Focus

Large Collection Of Sound | 13.1 GB

is dedicated to providing music producers with the highest quality 100% Free all right, For your Productions samples and MIDI files for maximum flexibility and creativity.
Formed in the fall of 2009 we set out to develop products that combine the advantages of working with audio samples and MIDI in the context of a modern music production environment where DAW’s, Software Samplers, Soft Synths and Plugins possess and dominate developed into everyday professional compositional tools.

Our professional Mark the Release of producers and sound designers hail from around the globe and represented as leaders in the industry with a passion to assembling the best sample libraries spanning a range of genres such as HOUSE , Techno, Trance, DUBSTEP and Electronica.
Depending on the genre of music, the MIDI is captured with plenty of groove and natural feeling to avoid an over quantised and mechanical feel common to many inferior commercial MIDI sample packs. For further groove control we also provide a selection of supplementary MIDI groove templates ready to slot into any DAW with most of the products.

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001 Classic. HOUSE .Keys
002 Classic. HOUSE .Pianos
003 Dark.Minimal.Techno
004 DAWcentrix.Reason.DnB.Combinators
006 Bass.Line
007 Deep. HOUSE .Beats
008 Deep. HOUSE .Sounds
009 Epic. HOUSE .Riffs
010 DUBSTEP .Beats.Vol.1
011 DUBSTEP .Beats.Vol.2
012 DUBSTEP .Synths
013 Main.Room. HOUSE
014 Modern. HOUSE .Beats
015 Prog.Tech.Synths
016 Soulful. HOUSE .Sounds
017 Techno.Bank.Vol.1
018 Tribal.Tech. HOUSE
019 Minimal.Tech.Vol.1
020 Nu.Disco. HOUSE .Edition
021 Prog.Tech.Beats
022 Trance.Forms.Vol.1.Musical.Elements
023 Trance.Forms.Vol.2.Drums.and.FX
024 Tribal.Percussion

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