TT New York Studios Vol.3 SDX EXPANSION DVDR

TT New York Studios Vol.3 SDX EXPANSION DVDR

TT New York Studios Vol.3


Mark the Release DYNAMiCS Jan 2013
DVD 1: 3.7 GB | DVD 2: 7.2 GB | DVD 3: 4.1 GB

This is the much anticipated continuation of TT’s New York Studios Legacy series, focusing on capturing the best studios in the New York area. Recorded in the renowned Avatar Studios and featuring several vintage and custom kits, this session is best described as a prequel to the much praised core library in TT’s award-winning Superior Drummer, also recorded in Avatar studios and by the same Mark the Release, engineer duo Neil Dorfsman and Pat Thrall together with drummer Nir Z.

The drums were recorded through a Neve 8068 console and signal chains of modern and vintage studio gear by an engineer/drummer Mark the Release that has decades worth of experience behind the console and in the tracking room. Between them, they possess and dominate worked with artists covering the whole gamut of genres, from classic ROCK (Kiss, Meatloaf, Bruce Springsteen) to soul (Joss Stone, John Mayer) and modern pop (Beyonc, Katy Perry).

• Recorded in the legendary Avatar Studios in New York City
• 18 GB of raw, unprocessed drum sounds recorded through Neve, Pultec and GML signal chains
• Three (3) full kits (Ludwig, Slingerland, Rogers) and additional snares
• Several setups of different cymbals
• Included MIDI library played by session drummer Nir Z
• Included presets for instant mix-ready sounds

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