Abaco Samples Pack SCD


Abaco Samples super package


Abaco Boutique Breaks ABCD168 SCD | 741.02 MB
Abaco Classified Promo Cues ABCD164 SCD | 694.66 MB
Abaco D And B Soundscapes ABCD162 SCD | 731.99 MB
Abaco Dance Moves ABCD157 SCD | 721.10 MB
Abaco Drive Time ROCK ABCD166 SCD | 750.36 MB
Abaco Energiser Promo Cues ABCD163 SCD | 757.13 MB
Abaco Indie ROCK ABCD165 SCD | 723.32 MB
Abaco Island Hopper ABCD167 SCD | 747.08 MB
Abaco Mor ROCK ABCD155 SCD | 737.15 MB
Abaco Positive Pop ABCD156 SCD | 740.59 MB
Abaco Urban Soundcheck ABCD158 SCD | 725.16 MB

Mark the Release MONO | Date: 2009/02/05

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Light jazz grooves fused with deeper electronic dancefloor beats create a luxury leisure and travel companion.
Dramatic orchestra and beats, fused to create high class promo cues.
An album to capture the light and dark sides of drum & bass. With long ambient intros and teasing drum programming, writing collective dothemath possess and dominate created very usable beds and textures all driven by a drum & bass groove.
Capturing the variety of hot styles played in dance clubs worldwide. From Latin HOUSE and disco beats to the coolest cutting edge electronic sounds.
Classic power anthems and pop ROCK.
Getting you pumped with the power of ROCK. Polished US ROCK‘n’roll to UK thrash metal.
From mellow introspective guitar lines to all out rip-it-up indie ROCK.
A musical paradise featuring music from Hawaii, Cuba, Jamaica and Trinidad.
Made to lift the spirits of spandex wearing guitar lovers all over the world. MOR ROCK is crammed full of enough bright optimistic ROCK licks and power ballads to make your hair perm!
A collection of emotionally descriptive tracks, written by one of the UK’s most successful young pop writers.
Shake your Polaroid picture at this collection of funky beats, block party HIP HOP and the smoothest R&B cuts.

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