AbletonOp Summer 2012 Pack


AbletonOp Summer

2012 super package | 24 MB

This super package of instrument and effect racks will not disappoint. Even better, it’s zipped up into an actual Live super package (.alp) so it’s super easy to install. This is the best value you can get out of our store right now!

Vote, and then, in comments leave a review, if you want or you can spend a few minutes ... .. go to expression ... get more data and information, releases, in the following reference links

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AbletonOp WavX 01
AbletonOp WavX 02
AbletonOp NoiseX
AbletonOp Steel Pan
AbletonOp Smooth Square
AbletonOp NuPad
AbletonOp Analogue Kick
AbletonOp Acoustique
AbletonOp Mars Philharmonic
AbletonOp Plucked Bark
AbletonOp Poke-a-dots
Daniel Butler’s Mash
Daniel Butler’s Dirty Saw
Ktones Abyss
Ktones Grain Shifts
Apoplexia’s D-Lektro Ultimate Drum Machine


AbletonOp Summer 2012 super package- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE… package.html

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