Acidfanatic 702 Meg Loops WAV SAMPLES


 Acidfanatic 702 Meg Loops

  WAV SAMPLES | 483.24 MB

1,142 Original License-Free Loops for PC or Mac in Acid WAV SAMPLES Format 702 MEG is for all you loops and sample junkies with a huge appetite for sounds. This CD has been filled to capacity with 1,142 loops (you heard right – 1,142 loops!) for a total of 702 MEG worth of the greatest loops Ive ever produced.

Dont waste your money on other loops libraries of useless sounds just to get the largest quantity. Now you can get the largest quantity of quality loops all on one 702 MEG CD at a great price!

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Image type: bin/cue
Format: WAV SAMPLES 16/44100



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