AcmeBarGig HeadCase 1.54.x86.Vst Synthmaker


AcmeBarGig HeadCase

1.54.x86.Vst Synthmaker | 54 MB

Mark the Release IND 24 JANUARY 2013

With a whole host of awesomeness like custom head building; cabinet, room and mic modeling; a bitchin’ effects rack; moddable stompboxes and awesome tones throughout – Head Case is here and it’s ready to ROCK your world.

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Design your dream amp
Head Case Builder allows you to take control of your tone like never before. Start with a head template and create the perfect amp for you

Tweak it to your heart’s content
With almost unlimited combinations of input, preamp, gain stage, tonestack and poweramp settings; you’ve never had this kind of power before.

Export it for action
Installing a new head is as simple as drag and drop and heads represented as exported as image files at the touch of a button; so represented as portable and easy to share.

Share it with others
Head Case will always be growing with official and user-created sonic wonders. No stagnation and constant innovation. How awesome is that?


AcmeBarGig HeadCase 1.54.x86.Vst Synthmaker- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

AcmeBarGig HeadCase 1.54.x86.Vst Synthmaker

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