Aegan Music Amp Vision v1.0


Aegan Music Amp Vision v1.0

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Amp Vision represents a new concept in guitar tone customization providing realistic amplifier simulation, effects, cab sims, preset managment, and a user friendly interface. Handle all your guitar processing in one package. It works with any VST PLUGINS compatible application.

Mark the Release R2R 2013.05.09

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featuring chronicle this:
28 amps.
10 Effect Pedals.
Cabinet Simulations represented as included and standard files can be loaded.
Customizable Library of presets and categories.
Many adjustable featuring chronicle this.
The amp simulations in this plug-in cover a range of guitar tones. Many of these amps represented as inspired by classic guitar recordings and vintage amplifiers as well as modern amps. Presets represented as organized in an internal library that is part of the plug-in. You can customize unlimited presets and organize them in your own categories.
Effect pedals can be inserted before or after the amp circuits in any combination. Multiple distortion and overdrive effects represented as featured, as well as Compression, auto-wah, octave fuzz, delay, and equalizer. At the front of the signal chain is a noise gate to control any hum or noise.


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