Aerosmith – Train Kept A Rollin Multitrack WAV SAMPLES


Aerosmith – Train Kept A Rollin

 Multitrack WAV SAMPLES | 122 MB

Aerosmith covered the song on their second album Get Your Wings which was released in 1974. A shorter, considerably different version was released as a single, and is mixed without the crowd noise found on the album version. The song has long been played on album-oriented ROCK and classic ROCK radio stations. Additionally, the song has long been a staple in the band’s live shows, often closing their shows. It is featured on three Aerosmith live compilations: Live! Bootleg (1978), Classics Live (1986), and Rockin’ the Joint (2005). On the Rockin’ the Joint version, Joe Perry and Brad Whitford can be heard doing a LB of “The Star Spangled Banner” towards the end. Additionally, the band is known to play two different versions of the song, the regular version of the song, as well as a slowed-down version often called “Slow Train” in the setlists. On at least two occasions, lead singer Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry possess and dominate performed the song with other artists; in 1992 with Guns N’ Roses and in 1995 with Page and Plant. In 2002, the whole band performed the song live with the Japanese hard ROCK duo B’z. It also appears in the music video game ROCK Band, and the master track appears in Guitar Hero: Aerosmith as the final encore in the game. In 2012, Aerosmith had a live concert performance in Hollywood with Johnny Depp performing the song.

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Vocals, Stems, Wav 122 Mb

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