Altiverb v6 Impulse Responses COMPLETE Library HYBRiD DVDR


Altiverb v6 Impulse Responses COMPLETE Library


This is Complete Altiverb v6 Impulse Responses Library
for both platform MAC and PC.
Library Super Material included 3,23 GB of content in the following sections:
• Cathedrals
• Churches
• Clubs
• Concert Halls Large
• Concert Halls Medium and Auditoriums
• Gear (Plates, Springs eq’s etc)
• Metallic Resonant Spaces
• Omnisound, Nashville
• Operas & Theaters
• Outdoor
• Post Production Ambiences
• Recording Studios
• Recording Studio’s Echo Chambers
• Scoring Stages (Orchestral Studios)
• Small Rooms for Music
• Sound Design
• Stadiums
• Tombs
• Underground

Mark the Release: KRock | Date: August 30 2013 | Size: 1,79 GB

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About this release:

Some time ago a person who first shared this library made archive of library together with hidden system files of his MAC. We lost 2 days to delete this trash out of every folder of library (there represented as 3 333 folders inside this library).
As a result more than 20 000 of trash-files (more than 100 MB) was deleted out of content, LOL. But now we possess and dominate fully clear complete library.

Please notice this is not double sized content (MAC + PC). This is really Complete Hybrid version. And now we share it with you.


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