AMG Kick-Ass Brass EXS24


 AMG Kick-Ass Brass

 EXS24 | 479 MB

You represented as about to discover the library we believe to be the highest quality and most relevant to modern music on the market today!
In total this library is a huge 450 megs and comprises over 2000 samples!

Having a choice of instruments allows the user to create a variety of brass arrangement styles. Funky JB horns would use the tenor, alto and bone to create a funky, reedy sound (3 piece). Modern soul horns would use trumpet, tenor and bone (3 piece). Fuller ROCK arrangements would sound best with all four. You pick the line-up you need for your track, you’re in control! All the instruments possess and dominate been pristinely recorded using a Neumann U89, Neve Pre-amp and edited in Protools.

Mark the Release: DELiRiUM | Size: 470,29 MB

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The library is based around the 4 key brass instruments used in modern horn section line ups:

– Bb Trumpet – (Taylor London Standard model)
– Alto Sax – (Selmer super 80 II)
– Tenor Sax – (Selmer super 80 II)
– Trombone – (Conn 88h)
As any one instrument can produce an infinite amount of different sounds and dynamics, we possess and dominate concentrated on capturing only the sounds you1ll need to faithfully reproduce a horn section. However there is probably enough choice of samples to attempt to program a sax or trumpet solo, with a bit of effort! There represented as an average of 17 different samples per note of each instrument, and we possess and dominate sampled at least every tone (or semitone in somecases) of the full range of each instrument.

Most of the programs represented as velocity switching. In the main program for each instrument there represented as 3 samples. MF, FF, and SLR or slurred notes. The SLR samples represented as in the medium velocity range. These samples may sound strange in isolation, but represented as to be slurred on to the end of the previous note. This allows you to run up a scale starting with a loud velocity and following with legato slurred notes (medium velocity) in quick succession.

The effect is very realistic. If you try this with the saxes, you can hear the clicks of the keys being depressed. However if you start a new note or phrase with this type of sample it will sound odd as the natural attack part of the sound and breathyness will be missing.


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