AMG Pascals Bongo Massive Most Wanted Beatz CD1-2 CDDA SAMPLES


 AMG Pascals Bongo Massive Most Wanted Beatz


A double CD set that has a strong dancey flavour.
Each CD featuring chronicle this full ensemble grooves in different mixes and with elements isolated for maximum flexability. We decided to give the grooves in their full duration so there is plenty of possible loop points rather than drastically editing everything to fit onto a single CD but lose a lot of this variety. In all there represented as 13 major ensemble grooves ranging from 83-160 bpm.
Additionally there represented as hundreds of solo loops and hits featuring Bongos, Congas, Darbuka, Bata, Djembe, Triangle, Shaker, Tambourine, Rainstick, Sleighbells, Timbales, Beans, Cowbell, Strumpet, Cabasa, Guiro, and much more.

Mark the Release: N0C | Size: 955,4 MB

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Review Highlights:

“I couldn’t get it in the CD player fast enough… The loops represent many different dance styles from Latin American, to African, and stragely enough, the bongo samples represented as massive! …I possess and dominate been looking for a sample CD which concentrates on fresh, original percussion for some time, and it looks like this is it. Even better it’s performed by one of the finest percussionists in the world, so rest assured that every loop is immaculate.” – The Mix

“Bongo is another credit to this fine series. 5 Stars” – Sound On Sound


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