Antress Modern Plugins Bundle VST PLUGINS v4.95.03 x86 WiN


 Antress Modern Plugins Bundle VST PLUGINS v4.95.03

 x86 WiN | 46 MB

Plugins super package includes some new plugins (total 24 plugins).
Also some bugs was fixed.

All Plugin List:
Modern Amplifier
Modern Analoguer
Modern Apophis
Modern BlackDragon
Modern Compressor
Modern ConsoleEQ
Modern Deathcore
Modern DeepPurple
Modern DeEsser
Modern DynaKiller
Modern Equalizer
Modern Exciter
Modern Expander
Modern FireChainer
Modern FlashVerb
Modern Limiter
Modern LostAngel
Modern Monoizer
Modern PoloKiller
Modern Premier
Modern SeventhSign
Modern Spacer
Modern Splitter
Modern Vacuumer

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Free Modern Plugins v4.95.03 update info:

New Plugins:

Modern DynaKiller (Open Source)

* FET style compressor.
* Classic Pre-coloring.
* GR meter/Power Off/VU meter modes switch.
* Input control (Relative threshold).
* Threshold level (0 to -40 dB).
* Ratio switch (2:1, 4:1, 8:1, 12:1 and Limit).
* Attack time control (0.01 ms to 10 ms).
* Release time control (50 ms to 2 sec).
* Output control (0 to 40 dB).

Modern PoloKiller (Open Source)

* Tube style compressor.
* Classic Pre-coloring.
* Power On/Off switch.
* GR meter Include.
* Gain control (-20 to 30 dB).
* Reduction control (Threshold, 0 to 40 dB).
* Ratio switch (4:1 to 30:1).
* Attack time control (0.5 ms to 10 ms).
* Release time control (150 ms to 3 sec).

Modern ConsoleEQ (Open Source)

* Console style equalizer.
* EQ In/Out button.
* Phase flip In/Out button.
* Highpass filter control (20 to 300 Hz).
* Lowpass filter control (20 to 10 Khz).
* 4 Band Parametric EQ (LF, LMF, HMF, HF).
* Gain, Freq controls.
* LMF High-Q In/Out button.
* LMF High-Q In/Out button.
* HF Peak mode In/Out button.


Modern Amplifier (Fixed routing bugs).
Modern Amplifier (Reduce CPU usage).
Modern Compressor (Fixed routing bugs).
Modern Deathcore (Fixed samplerate bugs).
Modern FireChainer (Fixed routing bugs).
Modern Vacuumer (Fixed samplerate bugs).

Operating System:

– Windows XP (32bit)
– Windows Vista (32bit)
– Windows 7 (32bit)

Sample Rates:

– 44 kHz to 192 kHz supported


– Unarchive and place folder with plugins into your VST PLUGINS Plugins folder (32 bit only).



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