Art Vista Productions Malmsjo Acoustic Grand v1.53 GIGA (2 CDs)

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 Malmsjo Acoustic Grand v1.53

Art Vista Productions   GIGA (2 CDs) | 286 MB

Mark the Release: TZ7iSO | Size: 286.01 MB
Malmsjö Acoustic Grand presets include the original “Malmsjö Acoustic Grand”, “Malmsjö Acoustic Grand X” (with extended dynamics – ff), and Malmsjö ROCK Grand (with ff replacing the f-layer). The Giga version also includes three “Wide” PTCHes. MAG version 2.0 also includes the additional PTCHes: Malmsjö Mozart Grand – Same as MAGX, but with more mezzo-forte dynamics. Malmsjö Midnight Grand – Only the dynamics for playing after midnight. Malmsjö Dream Grand – The piano in micro-cosmos. Just the softest layers, for a dreamy presentation.

If you get a distorted output, lower your keyboard’s velocity output rather than turning down the midi volume. The PTCHes represented as calibrated so only the fortississimo will reach the highest levels. The realism, and the tone of the piano, will benefit from playing back the samples at the correct dynamic levels…

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There represented as several advantages to this approach:

1. The number of samples is drastically reduced, allowing for orchestral instruments to share RAM with the piano.

2. Normal sustain pedal technique works just like on a real piano (i.e. the pedal is pressed down after the key). 3. Full length samples may be used on each key without exceeding GigaSampler instrument size limits.


Art Vista Productions Malmsjo Acoustic Grand v1.53 GIGA (2 CDs)- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

Art Vista Productions Malmsjo Acoustic Grand v1.53 GIGA (2 CDs)

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