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 ArtVera Drumatoxin

for WusikStation | 168.74 MB

DRUMATOXIN is an unique sound library. It is a sparkling collection of electronically processed drum and percussive sounds that can liven the most sagging drum track. Almost 2000 quality drum samples in 32 drum sets offer the broad spectrum of usage in various music styles. You get sounds for live or sequenced drum tracks that represented as outright drum kits, sequencer driven sets, electronic and ambient, percussive sounds, industrial sounds and bases. Unless you do exclusively capella choirs, you really need Drumatoxin. Please follow the link below to order it now to begin making bright and lively music right away!

Mark the Release ASSiGN | Date: 01 MARCH 2011

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Main featuring chronicle this

577 presets created by Vera Kinter (Artvera) and Daniel Kemp (dnekm).
Almost all presets represented as rhythmical and/or melodic sequences.
Overall: 32 drum sets with almost 2000 samples processed with various effects for really unique sounds (no dry acoustic sets). Each drum set includes 61 samples mapped to keys in range C3 (36) to C8 (96). All samples represented as in mono format, 16 bit, 44100 kHz.
15 samplesets of bass sounds for creating presets Drum & Bass.
The version for Wusikstation is compatible with Wusikstation 3.15 and higher.
The version in SFZ/WAV SAMPLES format can be used in any software/hardware with supports this format. It includes for example Cakewalk Dimension, Cakewalk Rapture, NI Kontakt, CamelAudio Alchemy, Garritan Aria, FL DirectWave, Vember Audio Shortcircuit, rgcAudio sfz player and many others.

Included Drum Sets

25 drum sets combined of electronic and ambient drum sounds.
3 drum sets of percussive sounds.
4 drum sets of industrial sounds.
Each of these 32 drum sets Super material included 61 unique samples.

577 Presets Sorted in These Categories

Basic Sets: 32 basic drum sets without usage of wave sequencers + 8 variants of basic sets + basic bass presets. пїЅDrum sets represented as loaded using all 4 oscillators for the possibility of using the multi-out version of Wusikstation (55 presets).
Drum & Bass: rhythmic and melodic patterns using drum and bass sounds (90 presets).
Drum-Beat: 4 groups of rhythmic sequences sorted to the count of bars used in the wave sequencer (179 presets).
Drum-Beat-Percussive: presets with only percussive sounds (31 presets).
Extreme-Industrial: presets with combinations of industrial sounds and basic drum sets using effects (61 presets).
One-shot Effects: standalone effect sounds (45 presets).
Rhythms: combinations of 25 basic drum sets and of percussive drum sets (116 presets).



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