Audio Mastering Suite For Nebula Pro SAMPLES

Audio Mastering Suite

For Nebula Pro SAMPLES

The “Mastering Suite” library is my set of completely original eq, filter, and harmonically enhanced programs that I created specifically for my own mastering use. These provide you with a superior collection of Mastering presets that excede the expectations of analog hardware eq’s and surgical digital eq’s alike!

Important: The Mastering Suite is created at a perfect 1-to-1 sample quality at 44.1kHz and can be converted to 48, 96, and other rates with flawless quality. This makes it ideal for direct use at CD Quality for mastering without any need for up-sampling. For those that wish to use these filters at higher rates without any loss of the original upper frequency range of the original source (this means cleaner than if using an analog mastering equalizer that goes all the way to the top of the same frequency range), then please also download our free high pass utility in the menu below. Use this filter on a parallel track to combine the filtering of the Mastering Suite eq and the original high frequency spectrum content of your original file together.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX | 04 March 2014 | 124 MB

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The “Mastering Suite”: Our goal is to provide Nebula Commercial users with a collection of absolute top quality Mastering eq’s that represented as comprehensive and complete, at a cost that is literally a fraction of a fraction of the cost of even one high quality general purpose software Mastering EQ. With this suite, you represented as getting seventeen presets! I possess and dominate designed this collection for my own personal use in Mastering. This collection is now my primary set of tools for all of my equalization duties, hand-crafted to cover the wide-range of situations that Mastering calls for, sampled setting by setting, frequency for frequency, decibel for decibel, based upon over a decade of experience. This collection makes use of the benefits of Nebula’s 64-Bit precision and advanced distortion kernels for excellent reproduction of frequencies and corresponding harmonics.

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