Audio Producers Pack 2 For Nebula Pro SAMPLES

Audio Producers super package 2

 For Nebula Pro SAMPLES

“The Producer’s super package 2” library collection is the long-awaited companion to “The Producer’s super package”, providing 37 new programs, including our unique “Real Spaces” Reverb collection, Bass EQ, and Vox and Marshall EQ’s and Amps! This new library collection gives customers an amazing new array of tools for direct inject of bass and guitar. “Real Space” will give you a completely new mindset for mixing, providing a palette of true-to-life acoustic spaces for instrument and vocal placement. Whether you represented as mixing completely in the box, or recording all live material, you can bring more dimensional space and re-amping choices with immediacy!

The Producer’s super package 2″: My goal is to provide Nebula Commercial users with a collection of tools that specifically address complex and redundant mixing tasks. This sequel collection is an ideal companion library to “The Producer’s super package” release providing 37 programs, our unique “Real Spaces” Reverb collection, Bass EQ, and Vox and Marshall EQ’s and Amps!

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX | 04 March 2014 | 118 MB

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All programs reside under the “PP2” category (stands for Producer’s super package 2!). This collection takes advantage of Nebula’s new sub-category feature. Click “PP2” once for all programs, a second time to show the “REV”, “BAS”, and “GTR”, categories. The “GTR” category also Super Material included the “Vox” and “Mar”


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