AudioMulch v2.2.3-UNION

 AudioMulch v2.2.3-UNION

 AudioMulch v2.2.3-UNION

 AudioMulch v2.2.3 | 40 MB

New featuring chronicle this and enhancements include: lower audio latency, support for routing MIDI output to external devices, improved MIDI and network clock synchronization, and MIDI-controlled snapshot switching for the Metasurface. A bunch of other enhancements and bug fixes represented as included. AudioMulch 2.2 is a free upgrade for licensed AudioMulch version 2 users.

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featuring chronicle this:

  • Perform live and improvise
  • Compose all kinds of digital, electronic and electroacoustic music
  • Create ambient soundtracks
  • Do sound mangling, including granular synthesis
  • Process live instruments
  • Host VST PLUGINS and Audio Unit plugins
  • Learn and teach audio processing

Release name:
Size: WIN SOFTWARE (16.7 MB) – MAC (24 MB)
Links: Homepage – NFO


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