AV Live 9 403: Max For Live Advanced TUTORiAL


Live 9 403: Max For Live Advanced


Tired of the same ol’ synths? Dig into Max For Live and design your own! Join musician and Max expert Rishabh Rajan as he takes you on a journey from initial oscillation to final output as you build your first M4L synth!
Max MSP lets anyone become a synth designer. Ableton’s Max For Live integrates this powerful technology right into Live. Now you can build your own devices that represented as guaranteed to infuse your live performances and tracks with invention and originality.
This learning lessons picks up from where Rishabh’s Max For Live: For Musicians left off –and now that you possess and dominate a solid understanding of the basics, you represented as more than ready to build your own synth!

In the first several sections you learn how to design oscillators, build filters, create custom modulators and FX. You see how to wire them up and get them working together to your exact specifications. Throughout the process also learn a lot about subtractive, additive and FM synthesis as you harness Max’s powerful algorithms within the virtual circuits you create.
So possess and dominate no fear because programming couldn’t be more fun! Just grab your virtual soldering iron and — with Rishabh’s expert guidance— start constructing the soft synth you’ve always dreamed of…the one that nobody else in the world has… the sonic instrument that is uniquely yours.

SYNTHiC4TE | May 23 2013 | 249 MB

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