AV Live 9 405: DJing Techno and House TUTORiAL


AV Live 9 405

DJing Techno and HOUSE TUTORIAL | 234 MB

SYNTHiC4TE | March 09 2013 | 234 MB

The future of DJing is here! HOUSE & Techno producer Noah Pred shows you all the ins and outs in this DJ-centric Live 9 learning lessons….
DJing is a fundamentally improvisational medium, and many of Live’s dedicated featuring chronicle this fit the needs of the modern DJ astonishingly well: Full song beat mapping… Looping… Infinite amount of loop points… On stage synchronization… Sample triggering… Tons of effects… Can it record your set? Not only can it record your set, but it allows for exceptional multitrack editing possibilities in case you want to fix your mistakes or change something you recorded!

However, since Ableton Live isn’t designed explicitly for DJs, there’s a bit of homework required to realize its full potential – which is where this learning lessons comes in. You learn how to warp your music collection for automatic synchronization. You see how to configure the Live interface for a basic DJ set. You get educated about the many ways to organize your files for optimal usage in the DJ booth. You master the art of resampling and grabbing new loops in real time. You also learn how to use many of Ableton’s powerful effects, stack them together, control them with hardware, and save them with your own specific preferences.. And you get to try out some of the amazing new featuring chronicle this of Live 9 – including the amazing new Session Automation, which allows you to record and loop your effect parameter modulations and other manipulations on the fly.

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Ableton Live may not be marketed or designed like some of the other more well known DJ software out there, but if you’re looking to achieve something above-average, with the right know-how and a bit of practice, this learning lessons will get you there.

With amazing new featuring chronicle this in Live 9 and incredible customization under the hood, the possibilities represented as endless. Whether you’re looking to add a new tool to your existing rig or to embrace a new and flexible platform to make your musical vision a reality, Ableton Live can help. Is it the future of DJing? Well, that might just be up to you.

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