AV Music Business 103: Performance Royalties and PROs TUTORiAL

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AV Music Business 103

Performance Royalties and PROs TUTORIAL | 179 MB

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If your music is played on the web, or performed on TV or radio, then you —as the composer and/or Created or published by— can collect money for those performances. How? Learn everything you need to know about P.R.O.s in this learning lessons by our own Dr. Paul!…
ROYALTIES. It’s the best money you never earned! Actually…you earn the opportunity to receive royalties the moment you create a piece of music… and this learning lessons will help you collect them!

Sometimes we musicians, while lost in the pure ecstasy of creativity, forget that our art is also a major money-making business! Gosh darn, most of the time we’re just happy to get PAID for doing what we love doing —and forget that our music has a financial potential of its own. We often even give our music away just to get a little, hard-to-come-by recognition. Well, gentle souls, we may not be collecting what is rightfully ours!

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That’s where Professor Paul Bissell comes to the rescue: In this learning lessons, you learn all about Performance Rights Organizations. Ever hear of ASCAP, BMI and SESAC? Did you know that they may be collecting funds on your behalf every year? Well, after watching this in-depth learning lessons you will be amazed how a simple, broadcast musical composition can bolster your bottom line every time it’s performed.

So sit down, concentrate and study the information in these extraordinary tutorials because they cover everything you need to know to join, benefit, and cash-in from these powerful rights organizations. And once you “get the P.R.O. knowledge” you’ll soon be able to turn your unique musical talent into annuities that can bring you financial security for many years to come.

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