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B2 Expansions v2.5.0


Limitless Possibilities.
Are you more of a big-picture person when it comes to music production? Do your strengths lie more in the creative aspects of making music? Perhaps you are highly technically adept, but your busy schedule simply does not afford you as much time as you’d like to do custom sound-design completely from scratch? We have invested huge amounts of time into developing this vast and incredibly diverse collection of over 800 presets so that you can get the most out of B2 without first obtaining a PhD in preset-design.

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Creative Impetus
Let’s face it: very few people have the luxury of limitless amounts of time in today’s fast-paced, competitive environment, and as technology continues to evolve and converge, people working within music are asked to fulfill many different roles on a daily basis. After diligently perfecting the composition, polishing the performance to perfection, setting up microphones with the utmost care, tweaking synth lines to face-melting levels of awesomeness, tediously comping vocals, negotiating a peace treaty between the erudite violinist and the passionately profane drummer, artfully placating the executive producer and record label who both have some very interesting opinions about what direction you should go with your creativity, shooting an awarding-winning video within budget, and rehearsing a Grammy acceptance speech, you may not have time to skillfully design reverb and FX presets completely from scratch. Many of these tasks require completely different parts of the brain, and when you are in the flow of composing, performing, or mixing, oftentimes it is not desirable to break that flow to start a new tasks such as preset design. You have more important things to concentrate on. We understand. There is absolutely no shame in that!

B2 is a complex beast. We make no attempt to sugar-coat this fact. The 1.2.0 update offers even more mind-blowing options, and expands the possibilities to ridiculous levels of potential customization. At last count, B2 could be configured in over 65 billion – yes billion – possible ways before moving a single knob or slider! Needless to say, navigating this endless sea of possibility is made much easier by having a large library of professionally designed presets to use as starting points for further exploration.

The B2 preset expansions are designed to help you get the most out of B2 and thoroughly explore all of the new version 1.2.0 features. The presets included in these products were made by top engineers and sound-designers around the world and together offer over 800 new presets to use either as-is, or as starting points for limitless refinement and customization. Purchase of these expansions is purely optional, but we highly encourage you to consider it since these additional presets definitely show off some of the most extraordinary abilities of B2 and really enhance its value. The choice is yours.
Clarity Expansion

The B2 Clarity Expansion has been purposefully designed to show off all of the new 1.2.0 features and demonstrate how they can be used effectively to achieve unprecedented levels of detail, spatial impression, and envelopment in standard reverb applications. This collection of over 200 new presets uses B2’s modular design to review our take on various historical design choices throughout the history of algorithmic reverb as well as offer some hints about our thoughts on its future. It offeres everything from highly efficient, low-CPU Vintage presets, to ultra-modern takes on Hall, Chamber, Plate, Ambience, and Room emulations. The newly designed 1.2.0 filters are used extensively in all of these presets to achieve sound characteristics that were not possible in the previous versions of B2. These presets represent the fruits of our latest RnD labors on expanding the limits of realism found in today’s leading algorithmic reverb.
Imagination Expansion

f you are looking for musical magic and sonic sorcery to add excitement to your next project, you will find it in abundance in this expansion. The B2 Imagination Expansion is an almost limitless well of creative inspiration for artists, composers, producers, sound designers, and engineers who are looking for novel FX-oriented and atmospheric presets. These over-the-top FX presets are purposefully designed to help kick start the creative process and co-create works of epic thematic grandeur. They are perfectly well suited for scoring work of all varieties, ambient music production, sound-design, and all forms of electronic music production. All 200 presets in this expansion make extensive use of the new 1.2.0 features to deliver new levels of extreme, never-before-heard, aural wizardry. If you still have writer’s block after spending time with these presets, you might want to consider getting a day job.
Duo Den Expansion

The B2 Duo Den Expansion was created by our good friend Deneb Pinjo of Aether Preset Expansion fame and offers over 200 new world-class presets. This expansion offers a well balanced selection of predominantly standard-fare, everyday-needs, bread-and-butter algorithmic reverb presets. It covers lush halls, exquisite chambers, intimate rooms, subtle ambiences, decadent drum spaces, powerful plates, vivacious vocal spaces, and invigorating instrument environments. Den is a true master of sculpting the perfect spectral balance and spatial image in his presets. Regardless of whether your work is rock, pop, orchestral, or more intimate acoustic styles, Den’s work is certain to give your projects that expensive, larger-than-life sound that paradoxically somehow magically seems to glue a mix together perfectly while remaining subtle and tasteful. This expansion is designed entirely using dual engines and fairly high quality settings to provide uncompromising excellence.
Solo Den Expansion

The B2 Solo Den Expansion was created by our good friend Deneb Pinjo of Aether Preset Expansion fame and offers over 200 new world-class presets. This expansion covers the same territory as the Duo Den Expansion, but it has been designed around using only a single engine, and optimized for a more balanced quality-to-performance ratio. These presets are ideal choices when CPU usage is a concern or when you would like to use a large number of instances as track inserts to give each instrument its own unique space.

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