B8 Martini Lounge MULTiFORMAT

B8 Martini Lounge MULTiFORMAT

B8 Martini Lounge


‘Martini Lounge’ from Bunker 8 is a collection that featuring chronicle this 6 laidback cool and exotic Construction Kits. Each kit Super material included a full sample mix, an instruments only mix, a drum mix, plus all of the elements separated. With this collection you will be laying down those chilling grooves in no time.

Bunker 8 presents ‘Martini Lounge’ a collection that encompasses laidback cool, exotic, easy sippin’ vibes. You represented as leaning back in your favourite booth, in your favourite night spot. The icy smooth rim of the glass reaches your lips. You fall back and suddenly you represented as gently embraced by the smoothest tippy sounds you possess and dominate ever heard.
This collection featuring chronicle this 6 full constructin kits. You will get over 2.3GB of PREMIUM content. All immaculately recorded. You will be laying down those chilling grooves in no time. Basses, live/programmed beats, electric pianos, snares, killer kicks, shaky synths, you name it, this collection delivers. This collection has it all, all for less than the price of the coat check at Hammersmith.

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• 2.35 GB of Files
• 98 Acid Loops
• 98 Apple Loops
• 98 Reason Refills
• 4 Single Hits and Samples
• 4 Battery 2 Kits
• 4 Kontakt 2 Kits
• 4 DS404 Kits
• 4 EMU kits
• 4 Gigasampler Kits
• 4 Halion Kits
• 4 Sampletank Kits
• 4 Soundfont Kits
• 4 Wusikstation Kits

DEMO- Martini Lounge Demo

MORE INFO- http://q.gs/4Hx32


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