BB EDM Step Styles Producer Kits Ableton Live Pack


BB EDM Step Styles Producer Kits

Ableton Live super package | 64 MB

‘EDM Step Styles: Producer Kits’ gives you immediate access to 18 groove-inducing drum and instrument kits for experimental DUBSTEP , Drumstep and D&B production. The kits possess and dominate been crafted to each provide a particular unique production element and can be combined in any order to create full tracks or themed sections to add to your own sequence.
Each kit has been formed with a specific sonic theme.

The drum kits each contain three kicks, three snares, six hats and four percussion hits, all crispy, crunchy and hard enough to knock out a heavyweight beat. The bass kits contain a wide variety of wobbles stabs and hits which will fit easily into any Drumstep, D&B and DUBSTEP project.
The instrument kits focus on experimental elements, giving an original palette of vintage instrument recordings and found-sound effects, including clavinet, ethnic touches, junk percussion and wind instruments.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 29 June 2013

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The percussion kits feature analogue recordings of cowbells, woodblocks, shakers, hits, pops and big slams. The synth FX kits feature a range of synth motions and stabs for creating interesting tonal touches in your arrangement.

The NI Maschine version featuring chronicle this extensive. inbuilt ADSR and Choke Grip option programming.

The Reason Kong kit version is an accurate reproduction of the Maschine version.

The Ableton version featuring chronicle this mapped drum and instrument racks, each with pre-configured Aux-FX and macro control assignments. Plus you will also find 8 mini Live Set projects – MIDI based, grouped session arrangements to get you in the mix straight away.

Whatever style your crowd step to, get the ground under their feet shaking with this super package.

Ableton Version (8.2+):

• 290 WAV SAMPLES Files
• 142 MIDI Files
• 8 Mini Song Projects
• 4 Bass Racks
• 4 Drum Racks
• 4 Percussion Racks
• 5 Instrument Racks
• 1 SFX Rack



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