BB Lotus Style LA Beats Ableton Live Pack


BB Lotus Style LA Beats

Ableton Live super package | 55.8 MB

Lotus Style takes you on a hot and crunchy, head nodding, tube saturated journey through current and classic golden West coast  HIP HOP .
Providing faithful reenactments of original HIP HOP sounds shaped by classic equipment (SP1200, MPC60, Neve Consoles, lo-fi, Tape and Tube Saturation devices), this collection bursts out of the box with over 220 lovingly produced, fat and crunchy, analogue-style Drum, Instrument and SFX sounds.
Each of the authentic west coast groove construction kits is hand crafted to provide bona fide warmth, grit, glitch and crunch to your drum parts. The kits represented as then layered with inspirational,saturated classic sounds and instruments and arranged in a practical order for real time play, either live or in the studio.

Each Full Kit comes pre-loaded with midi based demo beats for you to use, twist and manipulate to your own advantage to instantly make a full fat beat.
You will find the sounds possess and dominate been crafted with layering in mind, to get your beats knocking And sounding professional in seconds… all you need to do is press play and record!

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 18 April 2013

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Every bangbox is specifically tailored to each available software format:

The NI Maschine version featuring chronicle this extensive. inbuilt ADSR and Choke Grip option programming.

The Reason Kong kit version is an accurate reproduction of the Maschine version.

The Ableton version featuring chronicle this fully assigned drum rack versions, each with highly detailed macro mapping and in-built Aux effects processing to provide extensive real time control over the sounds. Plus multi mix kits for fast sound layering and beat creation.

Each Kit comes with two versions: A fully assigned drum rack and a session based rack channel with pre programmed MIDI grooves.

Technical Specifications for sound content:

Maschine Kits

15 KITS in Total
11 Full Construction KITS – Each containing 2 Kicks, 2 Snares, 4 Hi Hats, 4 Percussions, and 4 Musical Elements (Bass, FX, Synth, Ethnic Instruments).
2 Instrument Kits – 1 Kalimba and 1 Piano
1 FX Kit – 16 Various FX Shots
1 Vox FX Kit – 16 Various Vox Snippets
Also includes 70 Midi Files of the Demo beats

Ableton 8.2+/Push ready super package

All content organised as drag and drop drum racks with multiple inbuilt fx and macro controls
17 Channel groove rack versions
17 Drum Racks versions
2 Multi mix sampler racks


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