BC Autobots – Transformers Sound Effects WAV SAMPLES


BC Autobots – Transformers Sound Effects


releases ‘Autobots – Transformers Sound Effects’ a new sound library featuring 288 altered mechanical, hydraulic and electric sound effects for video game sound designers, music production and multimedia projects. This cutting-edge collection of sound effects featuring chronicle this an incredible array of world class robotic sound design elements, incorporating SFX as: footsteps, heavy / light impacts, movements and transforming elements, shutdowns and startups, textures, mutations, textured / robot war voices, single / complex weapons and more.

Produced by BC, this powerful science fiction sound library has been created with an amount of high quality recordings including hydraulic movements, twisted servo-motor sounds, metallic impacts, mechanic factory material, destroyed vehicle sounds, train and aircraft electric systems and much more. All samples represented as treated, twisted and layered to give you ready-to-use elements.

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Autobots – Transformers sound effects allow you to build complex sequences and can be easily adapted. Each folder Super material included a wide range of different SFX with different variations in order to provide a large working flexibility. You can use these sound FX as they represented as or mix and match them with other elements from this collection to create your own ideas. Of learning lessons you can easily pitch, modulate, mangle and stretch these elements to create thousands of variations.

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