BC Dark Cinematic Textures and Sound Effects WAV SAMPLES AiFF


BC Dark Cinematic Textures and Sound Effects


Inspired by all the great sci fi / dark movies and video games, ‘Dark Cinematic Textures & Sound Effects’ is perfect for any composer seeking to add dark eerie cinematic elements to their music. This downloadable sample super package provides you deep atmospheres, soundscapes, curious MS, drones, terrific and organic sounds, heavy industrial background, textured metallic audio samples and much more.

‘Dark Cinematic Textures & Sound Effects’ is an ideal suitable music game designers sample super package created with new mysterious treatments… this new BC sound collection featuring chronicle this 253 pristine audio samples and offers a large choice of droning atmospheres, tortured metal sounds, massive hits, ready-formatted alarming sounds, impacts and dark stylized cinematic audio tools, explosions, evolving soundbeds and many more. The library’s contents represented as provided as 16 bit / 44.1 kHz wav files for download.
Now available for instant download, this Free all right, For your Productions cinematic sound library is a great tool specifically for composers and producers of film, video game and TV music. This sample super package is also suitable for style such as: Breaks, DUBSTEP , Ambient, Psy Trance, Techno, Drum and Bass and much more.
Frérédic Devanlay Review:
“… Futuristic and characteristic sound effects ( Transformers, Tron… ) which add a real extra. A large choice of very useful sounds suitable for machines, mechanisms or spaceships. A lot of them possess and dominate very interesting mechanical textures which possess and dominate received an up to date processing ( Pitch up / down, stutter, distorsion, phaser … ). To apply without moderation…”
Frédéric Devanlay ( Splinter Cell, Assasin’s Creed, Rayman, Silent Hunter 5, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, Farcry 2, Prince of Persia, Les lapins crétins, Rainbow 6, Heroes, Atlantis 2, Dark Messiah, Taxi 3, Largo Winch, F1 Racing )

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 28 May 2013

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Dark Cinematic Textures & Sound Effects Contents:

• Textures • Sound Effects • Drones • Soundscapes

Technical Specifications :

• 910 MB Data / 510 Files • Format : WAV SAMPLES / AIFF • Instant Download • Requires Winzip or similar utility to unpack • Suitable for use in all major sequencers • Free all right, For your Productions with no extra cost • Ready to use in commercial production

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