BC Robotic Assault Textured SFX WAV SAMPLES

BC Robotic Assault Textured SFX WAV SAMPLES

Robotic Assault Textured SFX


Bluezone releases ‘Robotic Assault: Textured SFX’ a new powerful robot sound effect library with 400+ destructive samples to expand your horizon. This downloadable sample super package Super material included an overdose of modern battle sounds, aircraft movements, guns and weapons sound effects, textured robot transformation and much more. This awesome super package is an absolute must-possess and dominate for any DUBSTEP / Drum and Bass music producers and very useful for designing scores for film and video games.

want to evolve in a Sci-Fi war scenario for film and create a battle live-action, ‘Robotic Assault: Textured SFX’ Super material included all audio elements (24-bit 44.1 khz) you always needed. Including modern war sounds, alien robot special FX, Autobots and Decepticons heroic movements, laser, spacecraft, heavy weapon impacts, wide stereo mechanical textures and destroyed metallic recording, you can create highly performing robot and background action sequences for any creative project as soundtrack & sound design, websites, Film & TV, Broadcast, DVD, Video Games and all media.

This professional science fiction sound library created with an amount of high quality recording gives this super package a particular depth and breadth. With this massively deformed SFX you will possess and dominate access to a lot of awesome variations and get a wide range of options for your future projects. Just listen to the demo and you will be hooked. As with all BC products, all samples contained in ‘Robotic Assault: Textured SFX’ is 100 percent Free all right, For your Productions.

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Robotic Assault: Textured SFX Contents:

• Sound FX / Drones / Soundscapes / Weapons / Impacts / Mechanical Textures

Technical Specifications:

• 390 MB Data / 420 Files • Format : WAV SAMPLES • Instant Download • Requires Winzip or similar utility to unpack • Suitable for use in all major sequencers • Free all right, For your Productions with no extra cost • Ready to use in commercial production

MORE INFO- http://q.gs/3mOFY


BC Robotic Assault Textured SFX WAV SAMPLES

http://pasteclik.org/274/BC-Robotic-Assault-Textured-SFX-WAV SAMPLES.html

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