BCA MB-5 Dynamix v1.2 x86 x64 PROPER


BCA MB-5 Dynamix v1.2

x86 x64 PROPER | 18 MB

CHAOS | March 23 2013 | 18.1 MB

Blue Cat’s MB-5 Dynamix is an extremely powerful all-in-one multiband dynamics processor: it can be used as a multiband compressor, limiter, gate, expander, waveshaper or all combined at once, on any part of the spectrum. The unique dynamics processing section of the Blue Cat’s Dynamics plug-in has been streamlined and integrated in this plug-in to process each one of the 5 bands separately.

The plug-in provides unique envelope detection capabilities that let one band trigger the dynamics response on others (internal side-chain). Combined with the advanced stereo featuring chronicle this including mid/side processing and independent channels activation, it gives you full control over the dynamics of the signal for a wide range of effects.

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An additional brick wall limiter/clipper protects the output for complete control over the dynamics response.
The plug-in provides comprehensive visual feedback to let you know what’s exactly going on at every step of the dynamics processor: for each channel, monitor the spectrum, the in/out levels, dynamics response, compression ratio and in/out level of each band…

NFO- http://nfomation.net/info/1364062293.CHAOS_.nfo

MORE INFO- http://q.gs/3laIv

BCA MB-5 Dynamix v1.2 x86 x64 PROPER- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

BCA MB-5 Dynamix v1.2 x86 x64 PROPER

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