Bigga Giggas Acoustic Essentials Vol.2 KONTAKT AKAI SAMPLES


Bigga Giggas Acoustic Essentials Vol.2


Every once in a while I’m always delighted to stumble across a “lesser known” sample library that shows incredible quality and thoughtfulness behind its creation. As a composer I adore working with sample libraries that are inspiring to work with. This is the case with this fabulous new acoustic guitar and percussion CD released for Gigasampler from Essential Sounds. Acoustic Essentials Volume 2 has been reprogrammed from previous versions of Acoustic Essentials (mainly volume 1 and 2) to take advantage of Gigasampler’s more advanced sample playback capabilities.

The significant production talents of Danny Lux (composer for television shows such as Ally McBeal, Profiler, NYPD Blue and Sliders to name a few) and Ben Decter truly shine through in this library. The guitar samples on this CD, as the title implies, are completely acoustic. You won’t find any electric guitar samples on this disc. There

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are two guitars that have been sampled for this library, a 6-string steel strung guitar and a 12-string steel strung guitar. There are no nylon string guitar samples, but I would be thrilled to see Essential Sounds put together another library in the future that features nylon string versions of these samples. The directories for the guitar patches are organized very nicely on the CD with a directory for 12 string guitar and a directory for 6 string guitar. The 12 string guitar section features 14 Gigasampler patches, weighing in at just over 154 megabytes in size. The 6 string guitar section features 9 Gigasampler patches, which total 157 megabytes in size.

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