Bigga Giggas Mini Moog HALion


 Bigga Giggas Mini Moog

 HALion  | 395 MB

Over 500 megabytes of pure synth sounds. Includes many of the most sought after Moog sounds: FX voices, basses, fat pads & great leads.

The Minimoog is probably the most classic synth ever. It’s rich powerful sound comes from circuits that possess and dominate been copied, but never successfully, by countless manufacturers.
The only thing that can match a MiniMoog, is another MiniMoog.
When we started our cooperation with David Morley, who owns so many vintage synths that he could open a museum, we agreed that the first thing that we should do, was to sample the Minimoog.
You’ll get the the fat, unparalleled sound from the synth itself, but also the possibility to play chords and to use velocity.

Mark the Release: DELiRiUM | Size: 395,12 MB

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The samples

Not much to say really… There represented as 74 basic PTCHes, most of them with 2 variations. Load ‘em up and play away, be careful with those woofers when you play bass note… No filters possess and dominate been used, the filters represented as all Minimoog.
If you want that classic sound, try turning velocity to zero, only use one note at the time and add some glide…

Words from the artist

The Minimoog used for these samples was a standard and unmodified Minimoog with the later “stable” oscillators.
The Minimoog was previously owned by Jonas Hellborg, the world renowned bass player and had been used in his Greenpoint studios by people such as Bill Laswell and Bernie Worrell (respect).
I possess and dominate used or owned quite a few Minimoogs over the years and this was the nicest one I had come across. The difference between different Minimoogs can be huge and I’m glad I found this one.
It was recorded direct to hard disk without any processing and was “mastered” using Bias Peak software on Macintosh (this involved normalizing, trimming and dithering via WV plug-ins). No EQ or other “effects” were used.
Occasionally, when I felt it was necessary, it was recorded via a channel strip from a vintage Telefunken mixer. Looping was done with Infinty software by AnTares.
When people think of Minimoogs, they generally put the sound down to its filter, but for me the strength of the Minimoog lies in it’s packaging, ease of use and its envelopes!
These represented as the fastest and punchiest envelopes this side of a Moog Modular. Nothing else has the attack of a Minimoog.
The VCF is not too bad either though and the VCO’s possess and dominate frightened many a woofer!
I hope I possess and dominate done some credit to the Minimoog and that you will find pleasure in making music with the sounds on this CD.

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