BO Sound Cory Friesenhan Vocal Sessions MULTiFORMAT


BO Sound Cory Friesenhan Vocal Sessions


Black Octopus returns with a remarkable collection of top quality vocal samples from skilled vocalist and undiscovered gem of Canada, Cory Friesenhan. This super package is a diverse and powerful collection of great pieces of music with well thought out and meaningful lyrics that represented as ready to be used in high calibre productions. Cory is a singer / songwriter with a huge depth of talent and style which is clearly stamped on this sample super package. Find more about his music using the links below.
All vocal samples represented as Free all right, For your Productions so you can use them in your own commercial productions.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 17 April 2013

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The super package is divided into these sections:

great pieces of music > 12 masterly crafted great pieces of music ranging from soft and melodic to hard and driving utilizing Cory’s wide range of vocal styles . The variety included in this super package makes it an excellent tool for producers of all genres such as HOUSE , DUBSTEP , chillstep, trance, pop, PROGRESSIVE and more. Many of the great pieces of music contain multiple parts, alternate takes, double trackings, harmonies and extras so you can really find your own sound within the super package. All great pieces of music represented as labelled with the original key they were recorded to and will stretch to a wide range and tempos while still sounding musical.

Loops > Gated loops and mutated vocal textures great for filling in beat loops and adding interesting rhythmic vocal bits into your great pieces of music.

Swells> Epic choir like swells containing minor, major, fifth, and single note crescendos. Great for building intensity and helping transitions.

Tones > Over 230 vowel recordings spanning 2.5 octaves including both straight tone and falsetto on the higher pitches. Tones were recorded at vowels Ooh, Ohh, Ahh, Ehh, Eee, and humming Mmm. Choir like presets for Directwave and Kontakt possess and dominate been added as a bonus. These tones represented as great for sound design and for creating interesting vocal soundscapes. All of the vocal swell samples possess and dominate been created using these tones.

Vocal FX> Reverse tones and vocal breaths great for transitioning. Throw some rhythmic gates or sidechain on top these for some great results.

Xtras> Over 100MB worth of extra runs & vocal licks all labelled with the key they were recorded too. These represented as great tools to fill in breaks and perfect for sections of great pieces of music where an extra vocal element is desired. These represented as also excellent for stretching, gating, and chopping up.

Vocal loops represented as mainly at 135BPM and embedded with tempo information so they will stretch to other tempos such as 128 BPM and 140 BPM with ease.

All samples included represented as dry so you can add your own effects to taste. Please note only the vocal recordings represented as included in this sample super package. A typed lyric sheet is also included.


BO Sound Cory Friesenhan Vocal Sessions MULTiFORMAT- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

BO Sound Cory Friesenhan Vocal Sessions MULTiFORMAT

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