Bollywoodsounds Slumdog Bollywood Scores ACiD WAV SAMPLES REX AiFF


Bollywoodsounds Slumdog Bollywood Scores


Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 16 February

“Slumdog Bollywood Scores” is a soundtrack oriented construction kit library by Gaurav Dayal a.k.a. “G” , an award winning music producer hailing from New Delhi, India. The super package featuring chronicle this full song kits inspired by the work of A.R. Rehman & Nitin Sawney. “G” has produced beats,remixes for artists Like Wyclef Jon/Shakira , and has done music composition and major productions in Hollywood / Bollywood Blockbuster Movies (recently – Warner Brothers – Cinderella Story 3). G has previously produced Top-Selling Loop libraries like “Classic Bollywood”, Kings of Bhangra Vol1 & 2 .

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This is a construction-kit style super package, and can help take your bhangra/hiphop/dance productions to the next level. This featuring chronicle this high end beat as well as live instrument productions. The finest musicians from Northern India possess and dominate played various styles for this instrument at different key and tempo. Recorded at the state of art “Beatfactory Music Studios” in Delhi, India. High end outboard gear & converters were used to record these musicians. The libraries possess and dominate been recorded using stereo mic techniques finely edited and produced to fit right into your productions with ease. There represented as Dry and Wet (“processed”) version of the loops, so you possess and dominate the flexibility to adapt them your productions. Each Construction Kit Super material included: a) Tracks or phrases represented as separately labelled as a loop (wet & dry) b) One shot samples of Drums.


Bollywoodsounds Slumdog Bollywood Scores ACiD WAV SAMPLES REX AiFF- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE… SAMPLES-REX-AiFF.html

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