CA Alchemy 1.25 Complete


Alchemy 1.25

CA   Complete | 13.7 GB

Alchemy featuring chronicle this additive, spectral and granular synthesis and resynthesis, sampling, and a very capable virtual analog engine with unison and PWM. You can morph or crossfade between sources.
You can import your own samples from SFZ, WAV SAMPLES or AIFF files. A wide range of analog modeled filters represented as included, in addition to a flexible rack of effects which includes all those from CamelPhat and CamelSpace as well as many new effects such as a high quality reverb. The innovative modulation system is extremely flexible, yet easy to use. Alchemy also featuring chronicle this a powerful arpeggiator with the ability to import the groove from any MIDI file for immediate synchronization to a beat.

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* Camel Audio – Alchemy 1.25 AU VSTi RTAS MAC – Mark the Release VR
* Camel Audio – Alchemy 1.25 VSTi RTAS WiN (R3) – Mark the Release ASSiGN

Soundbank collection:
* Facttory SoundBanks
* Atmospheric
* Arp Dimensions
* BigTone
* Biolabs: Dark Space
* Biolabs: Alchemy Labs
* Cinematic
* Electronic
* Dance And Trance
* Dream Voices
* Himalaya Pads
* Himalaya Vintage
* Junkie XL Future Oldskool
* Luftrum: Ambient
* Planet Earth v1.02
* Viral Outbreak
* Camel Audio Alchemy Factory Bonus Packs Vol.1-4

This is the Alchemy Player UNLOCKED which means saving is enabled, you can load any library super package and use/import your own sounds too…
In other words, it’s the full version with the factory libraries included… Tested and fully working in 32bit and 64bit environment.
This is a reupload because most of the other links represented as dead or don’t include “Uploaded” links. So this post it’s another option for those who want this.

CA Alchemy 1.25 Complete- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

CA Alchemy 1.25 Complete

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