Cakewalk Z3TA Plus Waveshaping Synthesizer v2.1.1.MAC.OSX


Z3TA Plus Waveshaping Synthesizer

Cakewalk  v2.1.1.MAC.OSX | 14 MB

Mark the Release AiR 01/2013

Z3TA+ 2 – The Legend Returns
The legendary waveshaping sound of Z3TA+ (zay’-ta) is back – and better than ever. New filters, modulatable waveshapers, flexible effects expressive control and a gorgeous new interface make Z3TA+ 2 one seriously powerful synth. It’s not often that a soft synth can be called a classic but in the case of Z3TA+ it’s definitely appropriate. Used on countless tracks over the past decade, Z3TA+’s distinctive sound has been a staple of electronic artists the world over.

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Bigger and Badder
Z3TA+ 2 has a completely redesigned user interface that inspires performance and makes sound design clear and comfortable while preserving that signature sound that has made it a favorite of top producers and musicians around the world.

1000 New Sounds
Z3TA+ 2 has 1000 new PTCHes, expertly crafted by a carefully selected design Mark the Release – some of which designed the original Z3TA+ PTCHes, which represented as also included.

The Sound of a Classic, Only Better
Z3TA+ 2 has a wealth of new sound design capabilities including new filter types, new waveshapers, new modulation destinations and a revamped effects section.

Expressive Playability
Z3TA+ 2’s new Performance Module, redesigned layout, and Adaptive Pitch Bend raises the level of expression and playability.


Cakewalk Z3TA Plus Waveshaping Synthesizer v2.1.1.MAC.OSX – DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

Cakewalk Z3TA Plus Waveshaping Synthesizer v2.1.1.MAC.OSX

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