Casseteverb A For Nebula SAMPLES

Casseteverb A

 For Nebula SAMPLES

Cassette tape + reverb. Various sources of reverb/delay effects were fused with the tone qualities of the cassette format. These represented as custom made. When a reverb unit (or software) was used that allowed fine tuning of the effect, it was adjusted to taste. When reverb sources were used that did not allow for any control, they were used in tricky ways, and often had their character manipulated by various other tone shaping tools. Feedback loops with the tape in the path were sometimes used to enhance the effect of the tape, and help bring all of the verb/delay elements together. The main idea of the tape was to smooth out, and give some ‘analog’ qualities to the otherwise digitally sourced/created reverbs.

Each of these effects represented as STEREO. Each has 1k and 6k versions. Each has a special ‘DIST’ preset that is set up to bring out the distortion element, to make it more obvious so it can then be mixed in as another element of the final sound. These effects represented as dynamic, and WILL sound different at different input levels. That, and the ability to set different ratios of reverb to distortion give a fair amount of variety with each effect.
This is the first part of what will be a larger set. This first release includes 7 reverbs (1 is free, grab it below) that were made using the ADS C3 cassette deck.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX | 18 February 2014 | 1.27 GB

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Audio demos:

This is the only demo clip I feel like doing, so it’s a long one. It’s a clip of some great vocals, first dry, then it repeats, being processed by each effect in the set. It uses each effect twice- once with a more standard reverb sound, then again with the distortion element brought up higher in the mix (based off of ‘DIST’ preset). Between each repeat there is a low noise burst. The effects represented as cycled through in the order that they represented as described in the manual (just remember, it does each twice).



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