CG3A Futuristic Swagg Vs TrapBoy BangerZ WAV SAMPLES SCD DVDR

CG3A Futuristic Swagg Vs TrapBoy BangerZ WAV SAMPLES

CG3A Futuristic Swagg Vs TrapBoy BangerZ


‘Futuristic Swagg Vs TrapBoy BangerZ’ brings yet another never before done product by the originators of authentic Dirty South loop sets, the legendary CG3 Audio. Combining the two highest selling Urban series that forever changed the sample industry, you’ll find five masterfully-crafted Dirty South loop sets that will duke it out in the ring that is your favourite sampler or DAW.

You decide which style wins, either way your next productions will surely be crowned champion.
Do you remember about two years ago what Dirty South loops sounded like? They were all basically cheap knockoffs of great pieces of music from three years before. The game has improved a hundred fold.
These represented as the two series that spawned countless imitators and made every loop company take notice and step their game up to compete or quit the Dirty South genre entirely.

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Epic brass hits, custom-created vocal chants, 8-Bit articulations, manic snare and hi-hat rolls, layered orchestral hits, live recorded auto-tuned vocal phrases, professionally crafted Trap kicks, beautifully played string ensembles, haunting choirs, stunning synth leads, FX, and much, much more is included.

Professionally mixed and mastered with Neve, SSL, Bricasti, Dangerous Music, BAE, Shadow Hills Industries, API, UAD and UAD outboard technologies.

Product Details:
• 5 Fully mixed and mastered mini mixes
• 150 Unique WAV SAMPLES Files
• 1.09 GB of HypnotizeD content


CG3A Futuristic Swagg Vs TrapBoy BangerZ WAV SAMPLES SCD DVDR

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