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Chillstep Vocals


‘Chillstep Vocals’ takes you on a trip to the stars and back with a haunting and beautiful vocal collection to inspire your Ambient Dubstep and Melodic Electronica. Guaranteed to create an emotional journey in your music, with timeless Ambient vocals that will echo through the galaxy and beyond.
Perfect for Ambient Melodic Dubstep, Abstract House and Electronica styles or any productions with chilled, beautiful melodies. This pack enables you to build whole tracks upon the vocal sequence, or inspire new melodies – to take your music on a galactic star ride far into the deep sound-space of Chillstep.

‘Chillstep Vocals’ features three vocalists, two female and one male, each with a unique European style and tone. Alexandra sings with a sultry, sexy Eastern European tone, Honey Rae flows with a beautiful, soft and soothing English sound, while Dan brings a powerful Celtic flavour to his recordings.
From original, understated yet catchy hook lines, beautifully softly sung siren calls to big crescendo choruses, this collection offers a superb array of unique material, from singers with their own character and vibe.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 28 August 2014 | 580 MB

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The lyrical content contains timeless subjects such as love, the soul, the galaxies and time and appreciating the moments and the music you create.

The stems range in length from four to 32 bars, at a range of tempos from 126 to 140 BPM, with all stems organised by vocalist and root note. The collection also contains a single hit section, featuring hundreds of melodic improvisations, useful stabs, cuts and longer, drifting Ambient vocal FX.

Available in WAV only, Apple Loops and Live Pack format.

Product Details:

• 24-Bit Quality
• 758 MB
• Three Vocalists
• 88 Vocal Stem Parts
• 230 Vocal Hits and Cuts



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