Chiptune Massive


ISR drops another quarter in the machine so get ready for some serious production action with this amazing NI Chiptune Massive sound set.
Our new collection was made from the ground up to provide you with a truly unique selection of quirky 24 Bit audio samples and game ready patches for Ni Massive and NI Fm-8. (Included in the Main super package Only)
This super package is a one stop shop for sequences that you can play by just hitting one key on your midi keyboard Controller while using Ni Massive. Yes, all your favorite sounding old school video game style sequences all at just one finger tip.

We even thru in over 200 Chiptune Audio files and a dope set of Growls, Wobbles and Leads for you to rip apart. Each sample has loads of head room for you to rework and really use with your own Fx. Everything you here in the demo is in the super package and way more.
Chiptune Massive also rocks up a truly dark selection of dirty retro drum shots
so you can program your own low fi drum patterns in any sampler with total control.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 20 December 2013

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The Bonus levels in this super package don’t stop coming, we tilted this super package with an evil selection of electronic vocal phrases, sound effects, Speak n Spell, tight drum loops and a really odd selection of low fi analog sounds from our Studio Sound Vault here in Brooklyn Ny.

If you want to get to the next level easier, this ISR production super package also includes Apple Loops and Battery4 kits for drop and rock performance while using the samples in these formats.

If your looking for a upfront NI soundset of super tweaked video game style presets that you can play with one finger, plus a ton of off the chain samples Which work great with Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Drum n Bass and just about any EDM style out. Then you should head over to ISR’s sonic arcade for your next production.

Game over…MASTER

Technical Specifications for Sound Content:

24 Bit Quality

Zip Main Super Material included

70 NI Massive Presets
31 NI FM-8 Presets
244 Apple Loops
137 Chiptune Loops
119 Drum Loops
119 High Hat Loops
117 Chiptune Vocals
24 Speak n Spell Vocals
25 Chiptune Bass Loops
86 Bass Shots
41 Mettel Synsonics Drums
9 Virus TI Drums
52 MT-52 Shots
39 Casio Cz 101 Samples
62 Moog Perc Shots
11 Moog Fx
60 Moog Lazors
18 Long Moog Fx
24 Moog White Noise Fx
5 Edm Claps
5 Edm Kicks
10 Blips
10 Closed Hats
30 Kick Drums
10 Open Hats
20 Snare Drums
26 ISR Fx
7 Ni Battery 4 Kits
1 Mattel NI Battery 4 Kit
2 ISR Battery 4 Kits (96 Additional Samples)
1 Maschine Kit



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