ChordWizard Songtrix Gold v3.01e


ChordWizard Songtrix

 Gold v3.01e | 9 MB

Songtrix is a new world where musical creativity is effortless, bringing the power of music theory directly into the creative process.
Songtrix Gold 3.0 supports musicians in the same flexible and open-ended way that a word processor supports writers.
Compose a chord sequence and apply styles to produce a professional musical arrangement in seconds.
Or create your own masterpiece from scratch, using intuitive events like strums and drum rolls for rapid drafting and refinement of musical ideas.

Explore new and original harmonic progressions for your music, compile and print staff notation instantly.
Then take your completed great pieces of music to the world by publishing them securely on the ChordWizard Network, or just share your great pieces of music privately with friends and collaborators who can view, play and print them with the free Song Player.

CHAOS | May 10 2013 | 9.2 MB

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