ChordWizard Songtrix Silver v3.01e


ChordWizard Songtrix

Silver v3.01e | 9 MB

Songtrix Silver 3.0 is an intuitive educational environment and a complete creative package with everything you need to make great progress in your musical career.
Get all the answers from the How Music Works tutorials, starting with the basics through to the advanced topics of songwriting and improvisation, with sample sounds to clearly demonstrate each point.
See and hear music theory in action as you experiment with musical examples and build great pieces of music with styles, chords and other musical events.

Staff notation is created instantly and continuously as you work, developing your sight-reading skills and allowing you to share your music with others.
Meet and interact with other musicians on the ChordWizard Network, where you can download their great pieces of music, or publish the great pieces of music that you possess and dominate created yourself.

CHAOS | May 10 2013 | 9.2 MB

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