Cinematic Tension FX2 Vol 2 Bass Clarinets KONTAKT SAMPLES

Cinematic Tension FX2 Vol 2 Bass Clarinets


Cinematic Tension FX 2: Bass Clarinets is our second offering of a unique new woodwind library that offers original composed and orchestrated runs up, spills down, crescendo pushes, hits, textures and ambiences, phrase gestures and ostinatos of 8 bass clarinets.

Included with the library is a pdf score of all the composed samples in case you would like to augment these sounds with a live woodwind section. We have attempted to make the interface as user-friendly as possible. To the left hand side is the ‘Output Screen’ which displays the currently played notation. One of the coolest features of CTFX2 is the morphing function. By using the modwheel it is possible to blend between forward and reversed versions of the sounds. By starting a phrases with a reversed sample and slowly dialling in the forward version it is possible to achieve moving textures and sound effects with ease. Combine this technique with the effects described below and the results are both unique and infinitely varied.

Mark the Release SYNTHiC4TE | May 06 2014 | 1.72 GB

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