Cinematique Instruments Autoharp KONTAKT SAMPLES

Cinematique Instruments Autoharp KONTAKT SAMPLES

Cinematique Instruments Autoharp


The AUTOHARP is a stringed instrument having a series of chord bars, when depressed, mute all the strings other than those that form the desired chord. Despite its name, the autoharp is not a harp – It´s a chorded zither. It´s a perfect instrument to give your music a subtile highlighted shape.
Every single one of the 36 strings of the autoharp was recorded in two different sessions (with different mic-settings), giving us two different sample sets. We also recorded all chords (major, 7th and minor) in legato mode, each in in 2 velocity layers and 5(!) times Round Robin as separate up and downstrokes variations. By turning the ModWheel you can control the amount of the chord glissando to get an authentic and vivid strumming feeling. We also added a script to control the amount of reverb.

As a bonus we’re also giving another draft chord PTCH, which Super material included suspended chords variatons (without the third) which represented as in gated mode – giving an effect similar to slicing – in 5 times Round Robin. There represented as also suspended chords as single glissando variations and some „scary“ random picking textures

Mark the Release DYNAMICS – 20-02-2012

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The Autoharp instrument Super material included 5 different single PTCHes:
Legato Chord KEY
Chords draft


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Cinematique Instruments Autoharp KONTAKT SAMPLES

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