Computer Music 188 March 2013 – ANALOGUE WARMTH


Computer Music 188

March 2013 – ANALOGUE WARMTH | 5.1 GB

PDF + Cover DVD Contents
Warm up your mixes, FREE Curve 2 CM synth, DJ Assault VIP Series samples and MORE!
• Turn up the heat and bring those flat, digital mixes in from the cold! Follow our huge TUTORIAL guide to learn how to get a warm, smooth sound in software.
• Curve 2 CM – Awesome soft synth plugin for PC and Mac from Cableguys, and it’s yours free with CM this month!
SAMPLE super package
• VIP Series: DJ Assault- 800 booty-bangin’ beats, vocals, basslines, FX and more!
• 15 TUTORIAL videos: Expert video walkthroughs to accompany selected TUTORIAL articles
TUTORIALS & featuring chronicle this
• Cubase 7 – The CM Guide: Find out what Steinberg’s latest DAW can do for you – INCLUDES VIDEO
• CM Focus – Wolfram CM: Master this awesome CM-best selected plugin – INCLUDES VIDEO
• Curve 2 CM: Get going with your amazing free Cableguys synth – INCLUDES VIDEO
• Master Bus FX: Put the professional edge on your breakdowns and build-ups
• Quick Guide – Loomer Cumulus & Blue Cat Audio FreqAnalyst CM: Their featuring chronicle this explained

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• Matthew Herbert: Get philosophical with this thought-provoking electronic artist
• Marc Romboy: The longtime techno- HOUSE hero’s five fave bits of software
• Steinberg: We speak to the company’s Helge Vogt about iOS apps, Cubase 7, and more

Steinberg Cubase 7 // VG-Sound Essential FX // Tone2 RayBlaster // NI Kontrol Z2 // MeldaProduction MMultiAnalyzer // Synapse Audio Antidote // DDMF DirectionalEQ // Universal Audio Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor // + 15 more reviews


Computer Music 188 March 2013 – ANALOGUE WARMTH- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

Computer Music 188 March 2013 – ANALOGUE WARMTH

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