Computer Music Specials 56 DATA CD

Computer Music Specials 56 DATA CD

Computer Music Specials 56

 Specials 56 DATA CD | 556 MB


Whether you’re looking to record a human drummer playing real drums, emulate the same using plug-ins and MIDI, or program hard-hitting electronic beats for your dance and electronic productions, this comprehensive guide takes you through everything you need to know. From the basics of recording and MIDI programming, through humanising, mixing and processing, every aspect of rhythm track design is covered.

Percussion sounding pitiful? Beats not big enough? Then you need Computer Music Special 56: The Ultimate Guide to Drums.

Buying advice
There’s also plenty of buying advice on offer, as we present our pick of the best virtual drum kits, virtual drum machines and MIDI pad controllers on the market today.

On the CD
As if all that wasn’t enough, the included CD comes with a collection of 1193 incredible drum samples from LM, QL and WA, as well as all the examples and files you need to follow the tutorials in the magazine.

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