The Console Strip Elite PRO 96khz For Nebula SAMPLES

The Console Strip Elite PRO 96khz

 For Nebula SAMPLES

A lot of planning, research and passion went into this product. I set out to provide a toolset of the highest order to satisfy professionals who with a little bit of patience can create high resolution, spacious and dynamic mixes. This product is aimed squarely at the professional who may be unhappy with current offerings that although expensive may still leave a hunger for more. Attempting to create the most colourful but affordable offering of this particular sound, you may just be able to avoid having to pay through the nose to get a small format console, such is the attention to detail in this library. Sampled with ‘Prismsound Orpheus’ precision at 192 khz, you will not be disappointed. The reason I have not made any 192khz presets is that the file sizes were absolutely enormous and 192 khz was proving problematic with the current state of NAT and also Nebula.
After much thought I decided to offer this as a truly OPEN release. I could have used copy protection but I do not want to inconvenience my customers.

TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 25 March 2014 | 807 MB

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About the hardware

This is a superb sampling of a channel strip that features the sound of many classic records such as those from Fleetwood Mac, Stevie wonder and many more.
This is for you if you desire better separation, a ’3D’ effect that makes for a dynamic performance extracting subtle depth, reducing flatness and increasing detail.

These samplings will give you very high resolution mixes.

Nebula libraries. – 27 Program Files in Freq Mode and Timed mode as well. All available in 96khz and 44.1 khz.

Five-12C Preamp (High,Medium and Low)
DI input
Line input
Five-50A mojo ( Flat, Band Pass and Wide range)
Main Output – Standard and optional. Equivalent to the Three-25 Line driver. Perfect for master bus duties.
Full strip from Preamp/Line in through all modules to the output ( Standard, Warm, Distorted, Hot, Medium,Low and Wide range)
10 Chains where I plugged other hardware pieces prior to plugging into the console strip’s line in.
Pieces used were – RND™ 5033 EQ flat, EMI Preamp, GML™ 2032 flat, Millenia™ HV3 preamp, BAE™ DMP Neve 1073 DI, BAE™ DMP Neve 1073 DI into RND 5033 EQ Flat , BAE™ DMP Neve™ 1073 PRE into RND™ 5033 EQ Flat, Safesound™ audio P1 Preamp and finally a Vortexion solid state Preamp.

N.B Five-27 compressor library scheduled for future release.

NB – for all hot or distorted programs – control the dynamics prior to going into Nebula if you have very sharp transients.

Five-50A Impulse responses Every filter position in every standard sample rate. These are probably the highest resolution impulse ever created = A little brightish. Extraordinarily long sweeps were used resulting in superb detail and superior transients.
320 files X 7 sample rates.Sampled at 192 khz -provided in 64 bit 192 khz down through to 32 bit 44.1 khz Impulse responses.

This release is geared to the high definition mix environment. The Veil that wraps your PCM files will be lifted – this is not for those wanting a gritty rendition of the hardware so you may find that this set suits acoustic music a little better. They can get a little hard for some so try to all sample rates to see which one suits your mix best. All filter settings captured with the exception that there are no overlapping bands or B.P Filter. Designed to work fully Wet with any major convolution reverb, simply load and mix away. Adding a little bit of the dry signal too taste works well as well but it is up to you. The standard length of the impulse responses is 200 milliseconds but feel free to shorten it to conserve CPU. I would not suggest getting lower then 20 ms though.

Provided in 64 Bit 192 khz, 32 BIT – 176.4khz, 96 khz , 88.1 khz, 48khz and 44.1 khz. 2240 Wav files. 320 wav files per sample rate. Library size is 200 MB. Please note that these require a Convolution Reverb to enjoy and some may not support 64 bit wavs.

The Beautiful Room impulse responses – Virtual model of a wonderful studio sound. Great for adding depth.
75 impulse responses – 64 bit 192 khz , 32 bit 96 khz and 32 bit 44.1 khz

Fleetwood Mac Dreams Q-clone Impulses – gentle tonal curves derived from this classic band. Great to place on the front end of the full strip in situations where a quick mix is required.

Five-50A Wave Q-clone snapshots – THE STARS OF THE SHOW. Seriously!!!!! Every filter position just like the impulse responses – independent sampling at 96 khz.

Filter Impulse responses – based on the Two-15L. Gorgeous filters to deal the high end and low end of your mixes. 119 files X 7 sample rates. 64 bit 192 khz down through to 32 bit 44.1 khz Impulse responses.

Various Q-clone Impulses – gentle tonal curves derived my TCS series for quick mixing. Great to place on the front end of the full strip in situations where a quick mix is required.

System Requirements to enjoy the whole set

1.1 Gbs free hard disk space
Modern OS
Modern CPU. My libraries will eat your power for breakfast if you use ancient architecture. Prepare to bounce down or freeze if so.
A licensed version of Nebula Pro 3.
A convolution reverb plugin.
Waves Q-clone.


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