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Bass Creation and Manipulation


Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 25 January 2013

In this learning lessons you will learn to create an array of bass sounds and patterns to drive your music production to the next level.
Including full tuition on how to create bass using modulation sources, modulation routing and oscillators, along with filters and sound effects. Plus, you will also learn to use macro controls and MIDI automation set-ups. We also delve in to layered bass sounds and creating bass patterns.
Suitable for beginner and intermediate levels of production skills.

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1. Create bass lines for different music genre’s:
These comprehensive TUTORIAL videos cover several different music genre’s including dub-step, PROGRESSIVE and psy-trance.
Using Lennar Digital’s Sylenth 1 to create these bass sounds, we show you how to utilise the oscillators, filters, envelopes and modulation capabilities of this great synth. This includes demonstrating how to use a second oscillator to create that warm and deep bottom end on your bass sound.

2. Learn to create different and interesting styles of bass line patterns:
Giving you lots of tips on pattern creation and providing you with approximately 50 pre-programmed MIDI bass line patterns for you to study and use.

3. Learn how to choose which key/scale will work best for the style of bass line you want to create.
In this section we show you some very useful techniques, especially if you possess and dominate minimal knowledge of music theory or represented as just starting out.
There is also a section showing you how to move/modulate between two different keys/scales.
We possess and dominate also included a segment on how to use a spectrum analyser to help ‘glue’ your kick and bass to the correct frequencies, so they jell together in your track.

4. Learn how to layer bass and define your bass sound using EQ and compression:
These videos will teach you how to layer bass in two different ways, using high, mid and sub bass.
First we take you through the creation of a layered bass structure using three different bass sounds.
The second technique utilises the primary method (layering three sounds) but with the same bass sound being used each time instead of three different ones.
We possess and dominate also included full video instruction on how to EQ and compress your layered bass sounds.

So, what tools do we use in these engaging and thorough tuition videos:

Bass Creation:
NI Massive
Lennar Digital’s Sylenth 1
Spectrasonics Trillion

Fabfilters Pro.Q EQ Plugin
Oxford Dynamic

Included with the learning lessons video files represented as the following additional files:
Massive PTCH files
Sylenth1 PTCH files
Frequency chart
Process stages for synthesis using Massive – PDF
MIDI bass line patterns file



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