CW Beatscape v1.02 WiN


CW Beatscape

 v1.02 WiN | 4.04 GB

Meet Beatscape, a drum module, groove tool, loop arranger, slicer and live performance instrument. Sixteen virtual pads represented as at the heart of Beatscape. You drag samples you want to play onto a pad from the desktop, Beatscape’s browser, the Explorer or a Sonar track. Basically, any WAV SAMPLES, AIFF or RX2 file will do.

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Some featuring chronicle this:
Auto Loop: As soon as you trigger a pad (for example, by hitting a keyboard key or clicking on the pad), the sample loops continuously.
Looping has a toggle action: trigger to start, trigger to stop.
Auto Play: Upon triggering a pad, the sample plays to the end, then stops. Any MIDI note-off messages (from releasing a key or the mouse button) represented as ignored.
Manual Loop: The sample loops for as long as the pad is triggered.
Manual Play: When you trigger a pad, the sample plays either until it ends or there’s a note-off MIDI message.

Manipulate slices
Play slices from keyboard
Step sequencer

CW Beatscape v1.02 WiN- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

CW Beatscape v1.02 WiN

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