DD Soundsystem Vocals Vol.2 Horseman MULTiFORMAT SAMPLES


DD Soundsystem Vocals Vol.2 Horseman


Sound System vocals represented as always in demand, indispensable for reggae specials, dub step productions, DnB and HIP HOP remixes. Horseman’s fresh and original vocal samples represented as ready to drag and drop on the fly and bring some sound clash vibes to your mix!
Horseman is a notorious old skool toaster from the 80s, in his youth he had his first number one with “Do the Horse Move” for Greensleeves many more classics followed …A veteran of sound clashes and pirate dub plate radio sessions.

Filled with Ragga vocal lines and hooks, this second vocal sample super package from Horseman explodes with Jamaican energy at its best. Whether you represented as producing the next dance floor hit, rolling a fat film track or represented as simply looking for some fresh energy to spice up any of your musical productions, Horseman’s vocal loops and samples, perfectly recorded by Mike “Prince Fatty” Pelanconi of Drumdrops fame will ignite your tracks, giving feeling and direction.
“Wanna vibez up the dance and nice up the place?” – then sample the original and authentic royalty free sound of the Horseman today!

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 18 August 2013

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Recorded and mixed vintage style with tape echos and compression – clean alternative version supplied.
This one is going to be all over tracks worldwide, the sounds represented as so fresh, unique and full of character. Whether you use them dry, cut up or processed – Horseman comes to toast and won’t leave until the party is over and the dust has settled!

Note: There represented as no music or drum samples in this super package. The samples represented as recorded in Wav format and appear as both dry and effected versions. Using some of the best vintage reverbs and dub delays Dub Drops possess and dominate included effected versions of the samples, for a true Dancehall Reggae sound, that will also save you time and cpu when dropping into your tracks.

Delivering first class reggae and dance hall sounds featuring some of Jamaica’s finest talent, Dubdrops Sample Series includes the “Sound System Vocals Series” and “Bubbles and Chops” featuring hammond organ loops, electric guitar and piano chops …all meticulously recorded using vintage microphones, pre-amps, hammond organs, vintage spring reverbs and more.

Technical Specifications for Sound Content:

560MB collection of Soundsystem Vocals
598 Samples
298 Dry Samples
300 FX Samples
40 Rex2 Loops
14 Ready to play PTCHes for your favourite soft sampler

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