DJ TechTools Traktor Kontrol S4 TUTORiAL


Traktor Kontrol S4

DJ TechTools TUTORIAL | 646 MB

Genre: eLearning | English | MKV | 720×480 | AAC 48 KHz | 646 MB
This 1 hour DVD TUTORIAL is included for free with all S4 purchases through Dj TechTools, however due to over-whelming demand we represented as now offering it as a separate purchase. Over the learning lessons of a intense 1 on 1 TUTORIAL , Ean Golden- the designer of the S4, takes you through 16 Chapters on all the essential functions of the software and hardware.

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Chapter 1 – Hardware layout: Explains all hardware connections and important things to know.

Chapter 2 – First Steps: Getting Started and Getting Sound running.

Chapter 3 – Browsing Music: (watch for free above) how to get tracks into the S4 and browse playlists/trees/crates without touching the mouse.

Chapter 4 – Basic Mixing: basic transport controls and mixing principles on the S4.

Chapter 5 – Prepping Music: How to beat grid tracks in the S4, set cue points, store loops and fine tune SYNC settings.

Chapter 6 – Advanced Mixing: How to fine tune the pitch faders and other manual beat matching tips.

Chapter 7 – Basic Effects: routing and trouble shooting.

Chapter 8 – Advanced FX: How to use advanced FX, chained FX, custom presets and scrolling through FX on the controller.

Chapter 9 – Master Clock: How Sync works, What is internal and External mode?

Chapter 10 – Multiple Deck Mixing: Using multiple decks, routing and sync questions.

Chapter 11 – Loop Decks: (watch for free bellow) How to load loops, store them and use all featuring chronicle this of the loop decks.

Chapter 12 – Basics of the Loop Recorder: Recording loops and transferring them to the loop decks.

Chapter 13 – Advanced Loop Recorder: Mutliple takes, overdubbing, clearing and other featuring chronicle this.

Chapter 14 – Preference Window: Goes into detail on what each option in the S4 preferences pane will do.

Chapter 15 – Preference Window: How to customize and add functions on top of the default S4 functions. All goes into how to use the S4 as just a midi device and how to use it to control traktor and ableton at the same time!

Chapter 16 – Special Functions and Synth Trick: Covers hidden Shift functions and how to create a synthesizer in the S4 using micro loops.



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